The Best Way Yet To Juggle Your Data: The LaCie DataShare

Admittedly, LaCie employed the services of the inimitable design team 5.5 Designers to create its latest USB device, but LaCie DataShare is not just a pretty face. It's a pretty package that packs a lot of functions for its size.



The new LaCie DataShare is a dual USB card reader. Its design lets you separate private data from data you share, and it lets you easily recycle your SD and MicroSD cards.  Just transfer the data from your SD ware to the USB device and your SD card is ready to go again.  And you can be assured of the fastest transfer too - up to 40 Mbs per second.





The SD connectors are Push/Push and there is a card reader in both of the USB devices... one to store your private data and one for your shared data. The hot-pluggable devices are USB 2, but are backward-compatible with USB 1.1, and they're even up to date with the new High Capacity SD cards. 

The LaCie DataShare is very reasonably priced at $12.99.

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