Serial Inventor Offers Tips & Discounts For InventorSpot Readers


Many inventors fantasize about becoming the next great serial inventor — where they can continuously sell one successful product idea after another. It’s the American dream to create something from nothing, have it resonate with the masses, and then sit back and watch the shekels coming rolling in. Roger Brown is one such inventor who has not only entered that rarefied stratosphere, but has also been reaping the benefits of his creativity for over two decades now.

For those interested in following in his footsteps, with Brown you'll find a no-nonsense, common sense type of inventor, who knows how to get products licensed and to market with proven tactics and strategies that have stood the test of time.

Marketable Inventiveness

Super SleeverSuper SleeverOne of Roger’s most notable acknowledgement over the years was an award he won from the Doe National Pollution Prevention organization. This prestigious group singled him out for his invention called the “Super Sleever,” a portable sleeving device that have saved industries 4 million dollars a year in waste reduction, while preventing radioactive contamination.

While the Super Sleever addressed a very specific need in the institutional arena, Brown has been just as successful in the private sector on the ‘consumer’ side of the invention business. When interviewed today,  he noted that his “best kitchen product was his 'Pizza Scissors' and his best toy was his 'Power Pitch  Horseshoes.'”

Today, Roger has inventions licensed in the toy, tool, kitchen, eye-wear, and nuclear industries. He has been savvy enough to obtain licensing for all his products and into market — spending less than $100 on each and at times, as low as $8. 

License to Sell

Roger BrownRoger BrownInstead of manufacturing products, Brown is a firm believer in licensing products versus manufacturing them. “I am licensing my inventions to companies and they pay me a royalty on the sales. The majority of inventors are looking for licensing deals because they don’t know how or don’t want to run a business. I have too many product ideas in different industries that I could not run a business around all of them,” says Brown.

Become an Inventor with Brown’s Book

If you are the creative type, a tinkering soul, or the kind of individual who’s always looking for a more unique way to accomplish a task or build a better mousetrap — you will want to invest in Roger Brown’s book, “Common Sense Inventing,” which just debuted this past January.

Learn from the master some of the best methods of getting your product idea licensed using only a non-disclosure agreement and a sell sheet.

“Most Inventors are deep in debt due to being uninformed, and I teach them how to do it using common sense methods that work. I have worked both sides of the market as a Licensing agent and a successful serial inventor. So I know what each side needs and expects,” notes Brown.

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. . . and Dear Readers, please don’t forget to provide us with your feedback after you’ve spent some time learning the ropes. Your next invention just might get spotlighted in a future upcoming blog on this website. I look forward to hearing from you.