Smells...Not So Delicious

You'd be amazed how many weird scents of perfume there are out there, but what's really weird are how many smell like foods. After all, if you really want to smell food, you might as well actually make it so you can eat it too...otherwise, you're missing half of the fun.

Yes, that really is Pizza Hut perfume and no, no real pizza fan would ever want to wear this stuff because let's face it, "The Hut" makes some of the worst pizza around.


Stilton cheese is fantastic, but it does smell a bit like dirty feet, which makes us wonder, why would anyone ever want to smell like Stilton with this cheesy perfume.


The flavor of smoked and grilled meats is great, but most people want to shower after barbecuing because the smoke doesn't exactly smell great. If you've almost caught your head on fire by trying to get a better smell of the grill, then you're a bit crazy, but you really ought to check out this Cue perfume.

Still haven't seen enough food perfumes, then try bacon or lobster on for size. If you want to smell horrific but don't want to smell like food, then maybe one of the other 16 worst perfume scents will satisfy you.

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