Set A Different Mood With A Stained Glass Light Bulb

With a Stained Glass Light Bulb by GE you can set a whole different type of mood lighting. At just 25 watts, this great little bulb will cast a low, multicolored glow over any space you choose. Use it as a pretty nightlight. Use it GE Stained Glass Light BulbGE Stained Glass Light Bulbduring meditation to give you that old-world cathedral feel. Gregorian chants on your iPod will really fill that image out. Or just use it to add some cool lighting to your latest party.

With the Christmas season fast approaching (those three months are going to fly by), these bulbs can add to your holiday ambiance. I also can't help wondering how cool it would be to put one in the fridge and wait for some unsuspecting family member to open the door. Then there is Halloween. Oh, the possibilities! You could have the freakiest Jack-O-Lantern in the hood.

GE Stained Glass Light BulbGE Stained Glass Light BulbThe bulbs are each hand-painted so that each one is unique. They are sold as a single item per pack and fit a standard light socket. They are also regular incandescent bulbs. The customer reviews for this product are very positive. 

So where would you use a GE Stained Glass Light Bulb? For me, I'm thinking of the patio light by the front door. Boy would that mess with all those moths!

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