Set The Right Mood With Speakers Right In The Blanket

A picnic in the country or an evening out under the stars can be a special, romantic or fun event for everyone concerned, especially if you have right tunes playing and a comfy blanket to curl up on. Then all you need is a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and that special thou in your life and you are all set for a memorable event.

 The Speaker BlanketThe Speaker Blanket

Now you don't have to be hauling around that heavy, old-fashioned boom box to have the right tunes with you for that picnic, the summer evening watching fireworks, or just stargazing. You can just fold up blanket and you are ready to go. One last thing you need to remember when you are trying desperately to remember utensils so that you won't have to eat the potato salad with your fingers.

 The Speaker BlanketThe Speaker Blanket

If you can't make it to the ocean this year you can lay out the blanket in the kids' sand box, put on your favorite recording of ocean waves, close your eyes and just pretend.

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