Top Ten Strange Santas from Japan

Santa has many Japanese fans!Santa has many Japanese fans!
Santa Claus is a recent feature of Christmas in Japan and sometimes a few details get lost in translation. Sometimes a LOT does. So, I made this list, checked it twice, and now proudly present to you the Top Ten Strange Santas from Japan - some naughty, some nice!


10) Sanders Claus, or Old St. Harlan

Hey, this can be excused, right? Old guy, white beard, eight tiny reindeer, seven herbs & spices... Sanders Claus brings buckets of joy to good girls and boys! He should wear the red suit all year round, then Pamela Anderson wouldn't dare hassle him. (Santa Claus image via Nipponsoup)



9) Green Santa, the Kyoto Claus

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Forget it! Here in Japan where the Kyoto Accord was signed, Santa Claus has gone green - literally. Our non-polluting Saint Nick feeds his reindeer organic corn and heats the North Pole with solar power. (Santa Claus image via ViewImages)



8) Global Warming Santa is All Wet

If going green doesn't work, this is what Santa Claus has to look forward to. Our swimming Santa Claus will have traded his reindeer for whales and the North Pole's been replaced by a striped buoy. "On Moby, on Willie, on Shamu!" (Santa Claus image via The People's Daily)



7) Doraemon Santa: The Cat Came Back

What could be more Christmas-y then a big blue robot cat in a Santa suit? Well, just about anything, but that doesn't matter when you're putting on a Christmas parade and want to attract attention. Doraemon, the aforementioned robot cat, is a long-time favorite of Japanese people young and old. Santa Claus, not so much. (Santa Claus image via Asia Pundit)



6) Samurai Santa... Not So Comical

"Samurai Santa wants you to have a Merry Christmas... or else!" Sounds like this Santa Claus spends his off-season slicing pastrami at the Samurai Deli. The pictured comic is Issue #1, were there any others? I'm guessing... no. (Santa Claus image via Art Of Jim Lee)



Dec 3, 2007
by Коллекционер бизнес-идей (not verified)


Crucified Santa only can be a fancy's child of a crazy person.

Dec 3, 2007
by A Man In Japan (not verified)

Green Santa

Actually Santa originally wore a Green (and other colours) outfit, until Coca Cola brought out their red one

Dec 3, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Coked-up Santa?

Somehow i don't think the parade organizers who dressed Santa all in green were going for an authentic retro look - but thanks for the info anyway! Maybe those schools who are downplaying Santa because he makes the kids want to drink Coca-Cola aren't just taking PC to the extreme.

Dec 4, 2007
by chook (not verified)

green santa

i heard that rudolf is also part of cokes evil scheme to take over christmas. or is that cokemas, i get confused :\. good on the japanese for bringing back old school santa!

Dec 4, 2007
by Yuki (not verified)

The "Mrs. Claus" picture is

The "Mrs. Claus" picture is just a Christmas picture of Haruhi Suzumiya, from The Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya.

Dec 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Santa did originaly wear

Santa did originaly wear green clothes until a coco-cola advert many years ago and everyone thought he looked better in red =D

Dec 5, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The anime mrs claus one is

The anime mrs claus one is haruchi from the meloncholy of suzumiys maruchi,she is not a santa claus T_T

Dec 23, 2007
by DLHall (not verified)

Actually, Rudplph was

Actually, Rudplph was created by an ad man/kids book writer named May. He developed the story of the red nosed reindeer as a coloring book for Mongomery Wards department stores back in 1939.