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Disgusting Candy Your Kids Will Love

While searching for online Halloween games to write about, I stumbled across some pretty weird (and disgusting) candy. These candies are tasty treats that, for the most part, just look kind of creepy.

Here's a collection of the 10 Weirdest Candy Treats that your children will love to try! read more »

Wacky Product of the Week #4:

Well, here's my wacky find of the week...a light switch.

If you have a mind like mine, there's gotta be something about this product that makes you laugh.

Can you think up anything funny to say for this nifty little device? (light switch) read more »

How to Figure Out if You Just Called the Bad Guys

Access Inventor logoAccess Inventor logoDo you know how to protect yourself from being ripped off by the bad guys?

Our Guest Blogger, Terri Phillips, is an inventor of numerous products. She has worked at an Invention Promotion Firm. She now works in marketing, packaging, and product development for an inventor service company that provides a means of distribution for inventors to sell their products through AccessInventors.com. Terri's goal is to educate inventors from the inside out, so she wrote this article exclusively for the readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Here's her article:

* * * * * read more »

Happy Green Halloween

Corpse Solar LightCorpse Solar Light

If you like Halloween and you love to decorate for the occasion, now you have the chance to add a little more green to your spooky garden decor using solar energy. Below are a few solar products to liven up your Halloween nights. read more »

Have Money to Burn? Pay $130,000 for a Foot Massager

Foot MassagerFoot MassagerI love massages. Love, love, love them. If I hit lotto, I think I would have three personal masseuses come to my house everyday: one for me, one for my husband and one for my younger son (my older son does not like them - obviously we don't know where he gets this from).

But, let's face it, a decent massage costs at least $60 an hour. The problem is I love, love, love, love eating out more (that's four loves). So the massages get put on the back burner. read more »

Commuter Beverage Hunt - BIG Idea Hunt

Big Idea GroupBig Idea GroupThe Food Inventors Network, a division of Big Idea Group (BIG), announced its latest Idea Hunt today. A leading U.S. food company enlisted BIG's food and packaging division to search for innovative A.M beverages designed for male commuters. The best ideas will be considered for licensing contracts, and prizes will be awarded to the top 30 concepts.
read more »

Bra Fastener & Adjuster Hunt - BIG Idea Hunt

Big Idea GroupBig Idea GroupBig Idea Group (BIG) is conducting another Idea Hunt. A leading European intimate apparel company has enlisted BIG to find innovative solutions for fastening and adjusting bras. Best concepts will be considered for licensing contracts.
read more »

13 REAL Haunted Places That Will Make You Cry for Mommy

Continuing this month's apropos theme of all things haunted, I bring a list of 13 of the most haunted places in the world. Paranormal activity is an international affair, and ghosts and apparitions toy with the living everywhere from California to Mumbai. This list will have some familiar names, and some places you never expected to be haunted (The White House?!), but each one comes with tale after tale of weird and terrifying experiences with the phantom world. read more »

Game of the Week: Splinter Cell Double Agent

Have you ever wanted to be a top secret espionage agent? Well, here's your chance! This game brings you about as close as the average person could ever get!

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent was released on October 17th, 2006, for the XBox 360. It was developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is also to be released on the XBox, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and PC on October 26th, 2006. Splinter Cell Double Agent is the fourth installment of the well known Splinter Cell series, all of which are developed and published by Ubisoft. read more »

The Dream of Invisibility

Invisibility CloakInvisibility CloakWould you rather have x-ray vision or be invisible?

Our guest blogger, Emily Swan, graduated with highest honors from Butler University in Indianapolis. After school, she worked in public relations for Borders Group Inc, the book, music, and movie retailer. She's since jumped the PR fence and now works as a freelance writer. An avid science junkie, we hope you'll enjoy her quirky (and sometimes philosophical) takes on modern gadgets. Emily lets us in on the news that every person's fantasy about being invisible may come true in the near future.

Here's Emily's article for AmericanInventorSpot.com:


The fantasy of becoming invisible has long occupied storytellers. Capes, shields, potions, rings, and hats have made characters from Bilbo Baggins to the Greek god Perseus disappear from sight to pursue their daring agendas uninhibited. Invisibility ranks with time travel and x-ray vision in our psyche; it's something we dream about, but catalog as science fiction. But is it? This week, a team of researchers working jointly at Duke University and Imperial College London announced they successfully tested the first invisibility cloak. Click here to see the official announcement on Duke's web site.
read more »

How to Come Up With A Great Product Idea


Ever wonder how inventors come up with those great ideas?

Myra Per-Lee developed, manufactured, and marketed about a dozen products in a ten year period, most on her own with very little start-up capital. The most successful of her inventions, massage tools for adults, animals and infants, known as Nukkles®, Nuzzles®, and Snukkles®, is still going strong after eight years on the market. Myra lets us in on the secret of how to come up with our own ideas.

Here's her article:


One day in 1990, as I was changing clothes after work, I noticed some scuff marks on the right heel of my new shoes. Miffed, as I couldn't recall rubbing them against anything, I got out my shoe polish and tried to cover up the marks on the shoe. While I was at it, I thought I'd check my closet for any other shoes that needed polishing. Funny thing, most every pair of shoes I owned showed the same pattern of wear on the right heel. read more »

Dripping in Trash

Bottlecap Loteria BraceletBottlecap Loteria BraceletIf you like jewelry, art, and recycling, then you should take a look at the treasures I’ve found. Very creative people have come up with very innovative ways to turn discarded items into decorative jewelry. Are they alluring? It depends on your point of view, but if nothing else, at least they are environmentally friendly. read more »

10 Types of Bosses You Need to Avoid

My boss has been really been bugging me lately. I think I spend more of my day thinking about how to avoid him than I spend working on the stuff he needs from me. So, for this week's article, I had the bright idea of giving you some sage advice on the types of bosses you need to avoid.

I don't know about you, but when I think about bosses, it makes me think of asses, and when I think of asses, I think of ___holes, and without fail, when I think of ___holes, I think of toilets. How about you?

So here's my advice on the 10 Types of Bosses You Should Avoid, as demonstrated with the help of toilets: read more »

Are Pogo Sticks the New SkateBoard?

FlybarFlybarWhen you think of pogo sticks, do you think of them as latest rage in extreme sports?

Our guest blogger, Emily Swan, graduated with highest honors from Butler University in Indianapolis. After school, she worked in public relations for Borders Group Inc, the book, music, and movie retailer. She's since jumped the PR fence and now works as a freelance writer. An avid science junkie, we hope you'll enjoy her quirky (and sometimes philosophical) takes on modern gadgets. Emily introduces us to the next generation of pogo sticks.

Here's Emily's article for AmericanInventorSpot.com:

************************* read more »

What happens when you cross an eight time World Cup skateboard champion with an inventor who has a degree in physics from MIT? Just ask Andy MacDonald, a.k.a. Andy Mac, and Bruce Middleton. For the past few years, the two unlikely cohorts collaborated on the most extreme pogo stick ever invented.

Slightly Twisted #4 : Need Your Comments Here

Hi All:

Here's my wacky find of the week, for your commenting pleasure.

I thought this was funny for some reason. (link)

So, can you come up with some comments on this to make us all laugh?

Would you ever buy this thing and what would you do with it? read more »

Amused and Bemused
Featured Blogger

Inflatable Haunted House as PlayHouse

Inflatable Haunted HouseInflatable Haunted HouseI love Halloween. Seriously, as a kid, what is better than knocking at someone's door and having someone hand you candy. When my oldest son was two years old, he got the hang of trick-or-treating a little too quickly. At the age of one, my youngest child had more candy from trick-or-treating than I ate the first 20 years of my life (no, he didn't eat all of the candy, he just accumulated it). read more »

I love the decorations too. I came across this inflatable haunted house that looks like a giant playhouse. Its better than all those other inflatables they have out for Halloween because it does more than just sits there looking spooky. You can walk (or run) through it.

Invention Contests: Three Reasons They're Worth Entering

Have a few hours on your hands? Why not enter an invention contest?

Our Guest Blogger, Tim Whitney, is a bit of a contest nut. He's the National Grand Prize Winner of the KeyCite Key to Good Law Contest, and a national finalist in both the 2005 Staples Invention Quest and Digital Innovations Design-Originality-Creativity Awards. Tim gives us three reasons why we should spend a free afternoon entering an invention contest instead of watching TV.

Here's his article:


Every year, you'll find about a dozen opportunities to enter national invention (or other idea-related) contests. Some hold out the promise of bringing a product to market, some just financial incentives. read more »

Have Money to Burn? Pay $1.3 Million for a Cell Phone

Diamond Crypto SmartphoneDiamond Crypto SmartphoneI've heard some people say that their cell phones are cost them a fortune. Obviously, the've never seen the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, designed by Peter Aloisson.

The actual phone is made out of platinum and rose gold. It has over 80 diamonds on it. There are 50 diamonds going up and down the sides (10 are blue diamonds), the navigation key has 28 diamonds surrounding it and the navigation button is actually a 1/2 carat diamond. The buttons on the sides are suppose to be diamonds too. read more »

Like Accent Walls? Try the Plantwall.

No doubt many of you caught on to the still-popular-as-ever accent wall fad. With the help of home makeover shows like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the American public was introduced to cheap and affordable ways to spruce up the home. But, as with any trend, the market is always looking for ways to keep the ball rolling and Green Fortune has come up with a unique way to take the accent wall one step further. read more »

Game of the Week: Dead Rising

Starting this week, I’m writing a weekly column called “Game of the Week,” (a.k.a. GotW). The idea is to pick one game each week and talk a little bit about it.

After the release of the XBox 360 in November of 2005, it was common belief that the games released for the console were very similar to the previous generation games. The first widely accepted “next generation” game on the XBox 360 was Dead Rising. read more »