Sex Hormone Links Coffee Drinking & Reduced Risk For Diabetes


Four cups?  This should do it!: image credit iStockphoto via sciencedaily.comFour cups? This should do it!: image credit iStockphoto via Coffee drinking has been shown to impact risk for type 2 diabetes inversely in several of the latest studies.  Now, epidemiologists at UCLA have discovered how the two are connected?  It's a sex hormone!

The sex hormone is a protein called 'sex hormone-binding globulin' (SHBG) that regulates and mediates levels of testosterone and estrogen in the blood.  High levels of SHBG correlate with a low risk for type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 90 to 95 percent of diabetes case. Coffee drinking, this study finds, can affect those levels.

The UCLA study compared 359 newly identified diabetes cases with 359 healthy age-and-race-matched women from the Women's Health Study. Researchers found that among women who drank 4 or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day, Type 2 diabetes risk was 56 percent lower than those who drank less or did not drink coffee at all.

Sorry, decaf drinkers.  You've got to drink the real stuff!