This Sexy Stereo Is Designed To See And Hear!

"Object Remix," is what industrial designer Bob Turek named his current project. His work challenges our perceptions, our expectations in fact, of an object's traditional purpose. Here, Turek builds a stereo amplifier within the body of a fiberglass female mannequin, creating what Turek describes as a "radically new user interface."


Reaction? Surprise, delight, or disgust, this female form definitely achieves Turek's purpose. It also assures that the source of sound becomes not only a perception of the ear, but of the eye. No more hidden speakers!

Turek's first member of the Object Remis series was a sound amplifier built into a light bulb socket in a desk lamp.



Personally, I'm looking forward to checking out future Object Remix designs!


Bob Turek via Boing Boing