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Sexy Eco-friendly Love Thong and Not So Sexy Eco-Friendly Boxers

via rewarestyle.comvia rewarestyle.com

Sometimes there are images you come across online you wish you would have never seen, like a skinny hairy man in uncomfortable boxers made out of recycled circuit boards. Unfortunately, instead of turning away you realize you need to know why and who created this eyesore. So, you click on links to find out more only to unexpectedly come across these eco-friendly love thongs you also need to know more about. At least, I did.

via rewarestyle.comvia rewarestyle.com
Ironically, the circuit board boxers called Population Control 2.0 (no joke) were created by the same artist, Emiko Oye, who also created this pretty pink, red and black colored thong sculpture called the Cher the Love: Strong Enough thong. The thong is made with "recycled Plexiglas, fine & sterling & silver, copper wire, rubber". According to Emiko's personal art blog, emiko-o reware, Emiko recently showcased the thong with the rest of Cher the Love ensemble at the SCRAP's 3rd Annual Art Exhibition. She made the love thong in 2005 and later made the top with the boa to complete the ensemble. The top was made with a combination of recycled material such as: soda bottles, sushi trays, foam and other scraps.

via rewarestyle.comvia rewarestyle.com

In addition to the ugly circuit board boxers and the intriguing love thong, perfect for a eco-friendly Valentine gift, Emiko has an entire line of jewelry, called Reware. Reware is made with recycled Lego pieces, other recycled material and often in combination with metals and gemstones. Best of all Emiko helps others become a little more eco-friendly too. In San Francisco, since 2006, she helps host an Accessorize with Toys! Workshop where anyone, children, adults and families, can go to the workshop and also learn how to make jewelry out of toy parts.

Some of Emiko's jewelry is currently on display until July 10th at the Adornment and Excess exhibition. Her work and workshops can also be seen on Flickr, her blog and are sold on her website and on Etsy. She keeps busy doesn't she?

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