Sexy Lingerie Takes Its Cue From The Prehistoric Caveman Era: Introducing The Skong

A new, strange trend appearing in sexy lingerie stores all around the nation is the skong. Half skirt, half thong, these panties might be sexy or unfortunate; read on, and you tell me.

The skong, the most recent trend in trashy underwear is exactly what you might expect it to be; a pair of thong underwear with an attached skirt, which might be for modesty or fashion. Somewhat resembling a female loincloth as depicted in popular Hollywood movies that depict the Prehistoric Caveman Era, some versions of the skong have a complete skirt that cover both the front and the behind of a woman's body; while others strictly offer a peek-a-boo affect by providing only sheer coverage for a sexy striptease.

Is this a fashionable trend in lingerie that's here to stay or it the skong about to be extinct?

Via: trend de la crème