Sexy Or Scary For Summer? The Dissolving Bikini

With August drawing to a close, you've only got a few weeks left to hit the beach this summer, but there is one bikini that I wouldn't recommend you wear when you're ready for some sun, sand and sea.

Dissolving BikiniDissolving Bikini

This dissolving bikini is water soluble and will disappear almost as soon as it gets wet, leaving wearers completely naked within 3 minutes! Well, I guess that's one way to stop worrying about tan lines. Could be a great revenge gag gift, or a sexy fashion choice for couples who want to give their loved one a satisfying surprise. But, unless you're planning on visiting a beach that's okay with nudity, you might want to make a different revealing bikini choice when getting out to enjoy what's left of summer!

Via: Phawville 

Aug 21, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for

Pro Nude Beach locales
Pvt Backyard swimming parties.
Joke gift
Hot Tub
Lakes or rivers

BUT around other nudist types or watch out.

Love this idea, how much for.

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