Sexy, Sassy, And Spectacular Mosaic Pin Ups On Your Walls

When it comes to wall coverings, there's nothing quite as spectacular as mosaics, especially the centuries-honed glass tile mosaics created by Italian artisans. The highly respected designers at Sicis Art Factory utilize these very artisans, as well as the wealth of glass makers in their country. From retro to modern, the Sicis designs are brilliance. One of Sicis's latest wall design collections is this ravishing, larger-than-life, group of 50's style Pin-Ups.

The tiny glass tiles, .06 inch each, are from several regions of Italy, and they all have different characteristics. They are carefully placed, pixelated to provide the effect of a distinct color, but their intricate placement give the complete work a sparkling visual texture. This is very rich design.

Each Pin Up is set off from her colorfully patterned background by an oval frame that looks much like a mirror, further emphasizing her beauty.

Let me introduce you to the voluptuous cast of Sici's Pin Up Collection. Any similarity to specific Hollywood beauties, past or present, is unintended! (I cropped the original Sicis photos to provide close-ups of the Pin Ups and to fit our space allotments.)


1. Sicis Pin Up Irma

One sexy package!




2. Sicis Pin Up Debby

I'll be right there, honey bun!



3. Sicis Pin Up Gena

Oh, that wind! I'll just hold down my skirt....




4. Sicis Pin Up Dolly

Duke... you are so dreamy!




5. Sicis Pin Up Betty

Of course my legs aren't really blue...




6.. Sicis Pin Up Liza

The burlesque queen.




7. Sicis Pin Up Maggie

Hold on cowboy! Let me just get my shoes on!




8. Sicis Pin Up Francine

I just love everything Tabu!



And, for the finale, imagine seeing this monumental mosaic wall covering in person at the Sicis Milan showroom! Check out the mosaic floor too! Sigh.