Sezno Nightlight Makes Hilarious Stair Falling A Thing Of The Past

The Senzo Nightlight lets you feel your way in the dark by actually giving you light when you touch the walls.

This innovative idea from Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia speaks to what we all do when we get up and out of our darkened room and into the hallway. Desperate not to wake our spouse, children, or dog, or simply too lazy to turn on the lights, we grope at the walls in the vain hope that they will provide some kind of support or bright sustenance. 

Usually, we flail around blindly until a rounded dog-toy or stair edge is found, and we curse our foolishness for not flipping the damn switch as we begin our slow, head-over-heels descent.

Clavell and Madia have said "no more!" and created the Senzo Nightlight to help not only the quiet but the lazy get from point A to point B safely.

The Senzo is a ribbon of touch-sensitive LED lights mounted at 80 cm off of the ground, which is apparently an ideal height for both children and adults to fumble around. It ties into a home's power grid just like a typical light, and when the Senzo is touched, it emits a soft glow that follows you as your drag your hand along it, guiding you down the length of the hallway.

The design is both simple and practical, and is not something that requires extra thought or time to be used. Simply get up, start groping, and you're good to go. 

The Sezno can operate in three modes - all lights on at a touch of the button, in standby waiting for a touch to activate it, or in emergency mode, which lights the entire ribbon up if the home's power should fail. The designers have cleverly integrated a battery into the Senzo so that in the event of a power outage it can be used as a temporary lighting source.

The Senzo: Practical AND Cool.The Senzo: Practical AND Cool. 

It isn't yet available on the market, but we're sure that this or something very like it will be coming our way soon. 

Perhaps they could also do a one-room, smaller version - the "Senzo-lite".

Source: Yanko Design