SFIT Tracks Your Activity And Helps You Manage Skincare

SFIT: Fitness & SkincareSFIT: Fitness & Skincare

There are probably more activity trackers on the market now than there are activities to track. Any new entry is going to have to stand out in the crowd if it hopes to sell. SFIT attempts to do this by throwing in skincare to its bag of tricks. Not only is it an activity tracker, it can also help you care for your skin.

SFIT, like most activity trackers, is equipped with an accelerometer that allows you to track the distance you've traveled throughout the day and during your workouts. It also tracks calories burned so that you can have an idea of how effective your workouts are. 

SFIT FeaturesSFIT Features

These are SFIT's basic activity tracker functions. Of course, you can log your workouts into SFIT's app and set daily, weekly and monthly goals. However, SFIT lacks the sleep tracking function that you see on most activity trackers, and for the most part is fairly "bare bones" on the activity tracking side of things. 

What it lacks on the activity tracking end, SFIT makes up for on the skincare side. The feature that sets it apart from other activity trackers is its Bio-Impedance measurement technology. Through this technology, SFIT can measure the flow of a micro current it sends through the body. Measurements in the impedance of this current allow the SFIT to determine the skin's water and oil content. 

SFIT Measures Hydration LevelsSFIT Measures Hydration Levels

SFIT takes a mositure reading of the stratum corneum, or the outer layer of the skin. With this reading, it can tell you whether or not you need to hydrate or moisturize. That's right, SFIT can help keep you hydrated too, which is an integral part of health and fitness. 

SFIT also employs a UV sensor, which alerts you if there is a risk of high UV exposure. Excessive UV exposure can cause dryness, blemishes and premature aging (basically this means wrinkles).  The UV sensor can also let you know if you've been inside too long and are in need of sunlight. 

Clip-On DesignClip-On Design

Along with all of these unique skincare aspects, SFIT's app also features a tanning option. SFIT combines its UV data with your skin moisture level to tell you the optimal time to tan, and the app has a tanning timer as well. 

Because SFIT is designed with skincare and tanning as its featured feature, so to speak, it was designed in the shape of a surfboard, so it's also a pretty cool accessory to your beach gear. You can clip it on to any piece of clothing or wear it as a necklace or bracelet. 

For more information on SFIT, check out the SFIT website.