Fall Dog Fashion: It's All Shabby Chic At The Shabby Dog

Fall is just around the corner, and I thought I'd remind you to start scouting out  your dog's back-to-the-city wardrobe. The Shabby Dog, "For All Dog Kind" has some stunning new fashions in ready-to-wear, including coats, tees, harnesses, bows, collars, and leashes... plus some new beds, blankets and bowls your pooch will love.  They are totally shabby chic!


1.  Shabby Dog Leather Maddox Jacket

Luscious soft leather with a nice soft lining will keep your dog warm while looking terrifically sharp this Fall. Collar is studded with nothin' but Swarovski crystals!  Here is the Maddox Jacket with it's Shabby Dog storage bag...



But truly, the Maddox looks much better on....




2.  Shabby Dog Designer Tees

Otherwise known as the Sean Preston (Federline) Tee, the TEE02 is one of four tees designed with something or someone in mind!  And more Swarovski crystals adorn....






3.  Shabby Dog Leash With Cuff

The Leash Cuffs have got to be the chicest wear since Legally Blonde 2 with just a dash of S&M. You have to love the Italian patent leather leash and hands-free cuff , lined with suede, that you can buy with a matching dog collar or harness, of course.  These are available in many dramatic color combinations.





4.  The Shabby Dog Harness

Shabby Dog Harnesses are actually full vests; not a criss-cross of straps around your dog's torso, but an actual outfit perfect for Fall.  This is a great idea for cooler weather, even well into the winter.  Here shown is the handmade (in the U.S.) Denim with Camoflage Trim with Swarovski crystals.  It even comes with a matching leash.  Visit the other harness designs too!




5.  Shabby Dog Apple Green And Knox Brown Jackets

Such a scrumptuous softy!  Now these are literally shabby!  They're apple green and Knox Brown), and so shabby, they're even washable! ( i wish I could borrow my dog's clothes!)





6.  Shabby Dog Beds & Pillows

Recognize these dogs?  Aren't the ensembles just heavenly?  Just what your pooch needs.  Lovely, soft bedding to surround your loving pup. 




7.  Shabby Dog Blankets & Pillows

Oooh. This Cougar Dog Blanket and Pillow have got to be the plushest around.  You can even get a bed to match.  Livin' in the lap o' luxury, I'd say. See more glamorous dog blankets here.





8.  Shabby Dog Tarina Tarantino Bows

Here are just three of several brilliantly cut, colored, and Swarovski crystal spiked Tarina Tarantino bows for your dog's great bling!  




9.  Shabby Dog Travel Dog Bowls

Looks like another Legally Blonde inspired bag, but this time hiding two neat stainless steel travel bowls for your baby's food and water. Check out the trim on these nicely appointed bags.  Lovely in hatbox or in cosmetic case styles.  Available in pink, black, and chocolate..... yum! 







You'll find more shabby chic at the Shabby Dog for Fall.  Thanking The Shabby Dog for providing easy access to the information presented here...  Look for Shabby Dog at PET FASHION WEEK New York City, at the Metropolitan Pavillion, Booth P125, August 22 -23, 2009.


That's the buzz for today!