City Night Lights Create Day Lights In Window Shades

Finish interior designer Elina Aalto has created a novel window shade that comes in cities, instead of colors!

Whether it's Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, or Helsinki, the city's night lights bring day lights into your home in a most delightful way! Aalto's Better View Blinds reduce harsh light and glare in an artistic pattern that casts interesting shadows into your living areas.

Aalto's patterns are sequences of square and rectangular cut-outs in her black fabric roll-up window shades. When the fabric is pulled down to shade a window, natural daylight enters through the pattern creating a night time view of a city. This juxtaposition of night upon day is very effective in limiting glare, creating interesting interior shadows, and making a cool, artsy wall design.

Here are some display photos of Better View Blinds in interior design. This first city is "Paris" at night.





Here, "Helsinki" is artwork on a white wall.



Tokyo and its shadows!





All four city shades create an artistic display in a business showroom.


Ms. Aalto created the Better View Blinds for European design house, Iukbox, where they are sold. The Better View Blinds will be showcased at the Hôtel Bohème in Paris, March 20 -22.