Shadow Caddy Automated Golf Caddy System

13-year old boys everywhere had better watch their backs. They're about to be replaced with robots. The Shadow Caddy is a small, automated golf cart that follows the golfer around the fairway carrying his golf bag. And the Shadow Caddy will never be sticking his greasy palm out waiting for a tip.

How does a machine follow its master? The Shadow Caddy's operation is actually quite simple. The golfer wears a belt that transmits a radio signal. The Caddy receives the signal and follows it around, toting clubs and any other golfing necesseties along on the course. It is even designed to hold your drinks. Hit the "Park" button when you reach your destination and the Caddy will stop. Simply strap on your belt and forget all about it, your clubs will be right behind you. Don't worry about it running anyone over or crashing into a rock because it includes a "sophisticated object detection system" designed to prevent such accidents.

After winning a variety of innovation accolades, the Shadow Caddy launched in Australia and will be making the rounds in the UK, South Africa and Canada throughout the year. While the Shadow Caddy will require you to become a bit more familiar with your clubs, since you don't have a person there to provide insight, it appears to be a pretty handy means of lugging your equipment around the course. It  also lays the way for great pranks like hijacking your buddy's Shadow Caddy with a belt of your own and sneaking it off while he's busy teeing off, then running it right into the pond. Classic.

 Sources: Shadow Caddy via Coolest Gadgets