Shadow Lighting Your Interior Design, Peter Buning Style

Shadows give depth to your interior design during the day and steal the show at night. Shadows are mysterious, organic, architectural, romantic, fascinating... and they can add dimension and design to your interiors without weighing them down.

German designer Peter Buning loves shadows, and if you love them too, you will adore these lamps. There are three series of shadow lamps in his collection: Tripes, Virus and Sha-Do Lights.


1. Tripes Lights

The three-pointed star became famous, legend has it, when Paul and Adolf Daimler, owners of Mercedes-Benz Inc., chose the star as a symbol for their company in honor of thier father. Gottlieb Daimler, the locomotion engineer, used the symbol of the three-pointed star on his stationery.

Peter Buning's Tripe Lights create magnificent shadows through the tiny carvings in a three-pointed ceiling or wall lamp. Here is a look at the lamp from an angled perspective....


Now, look at the some of the shadows it can create!


The Tripes Light is made in two sizes, in a 6-inch diameter and a 39-inch diameter. The radius of the shadow depends on the diameter of the lamp, the position of the lamp on the wall or floor, and the architectural variations in the light's environment. (The Tripes Light comes in wall lamp and floor lamp designs.)



2. Virus Lights

Pretty ball-shaped lamps, globes of living cells with a virus cell in the center cast honeycomb shadows in wider concentric circles as they get progressively further from the lamps. The Virus Lights, each about 6 inches in diameter, can be used as table lamps or placed directly on the floor. Various combinations will reflect differently.



3. Sha-Do Lights

The Sha-Do Lights can cast up to nine feet of shadows across walls or ceilings and, because you can adjust the size of the lamp shade, you can adjust the size of the shadows. The lamp shades are available in several patterns, all creating intricate designs. Adding one or two more lamps to the wall or ceiling make some really interesting patterns. Here are three of the five patterns currently available in Sha-Do Lights.

The first photo of each pair is taken at an angle to the lamp, allowing you to see both the lamps and the shadows they create; following is a frontal view of the shadow.


Sha-Do Lights: Pattern 1




Sha-Do Lights, Pattern 2




Sha-Do Lights, Pattern 5



Shadows are always a wonderful way to create a mysterious or romantic atmosphere in your home. With Peter Buning's lamps, you can make shadows an intentional part of your interior design.

For more information, see Buning's lighting website.

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