Shaidee Keeps Baby Protected From The Sun

Most babies hanging off of Mom or Dad are dangling in a front carrier or sling. Mine did. They were also draped with a blanket or blinded by a hat that had fallen over their eyes meant to protect them from the sun. Just when I couldn't wait to get rid of the layers of winter clothing, I remembered the important, yet cumbersome need to protect my kids' delicate skin from the sun.

Shaidee Sun Cover is a lightweight, wearable sun shade worn by you but keeps your baby out of the sun and looking cool. And because it is made out of antimicrobial and wicking material, you'll stay cool too.

It's one size fits all, adjustable, and can be put on without assistance--perfect for stay at home moms and dads who need to get out of the house for a short walk. It's also popular with active, on-the-go families who hike and camp.


Parents love Shaidee because it is a chemical-free--and mess-free--alternative to sunscreen. Moms also love that it can be folded to fit into a diaper bag when not in use. You can't see the kiddo very well when wearing Shaidee, but it's flexible enough to bend so moms can peek on their precious cargo.

Nicole Barrett is a Canadian mom who created Shaidee out of necessity. She and business partner, Jane Klugman, have been praised for their practical yet valuable solution to keeping babies out of the sun. Barrett and Klugman are also working on a netting product that would attach to Shaidee to keep the bugs away.

Shaidee was a hit at the ABC Kids Expo and was featured on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee, where Megan Meany of Megan's Must Haves deemed it a must-have for all new moms. 

Shaidee can be used on most strollers and car seats, which means it's compatible with my hand-me-down, mixed-bag of brands baby gear. So, you'll get your money's worth once baby is too heavy to be worn and when you need it to fit over the sling your sister-in-law gave you at your baby shower.

Shaidee Sun CoverShaidee Sun Cover

Shaidee comes in white or black and can be purchased directly from their website or from Amazon.

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