Shake N Take: Blend, Pop and Take It Along

Shake N Take BlenderShake N Take BlenderWhy is the Shake N Take Blender so convenient?

Shake N Take instantly blends smoothies and protein (and anything else that gets in its way if you are not careful). Shake N Take is so convenient because everything goes into one easy to operate and highly efficient machine. Just blend the ingredients, then pop the portable cup of the Shake N Take and run amok with it, wherever you dare to go. Besides using it to make a great breakfast, Shake N Take creations can also serve as healthy snacks for kids, perfect cocktail blends, a light meal or treat at work and as a protein shake for the gym.

What special features does the Shake N Take Blender have?

Shake N Take comes with a convenient, flip-top straw that allows you to drink out of it right after blending. The power blender of the Shake N Take crushes ice instantly and the portable cup fits in all car cup holders. It is also easy to clean.
Shake N Take BlenderShake N Take Blender

Where can you get a Shake N Take Blender? offers the Shake N Take Blender for about $20 US dollars. This reputable site is hosted by the Yahoo Store, which collects all ordering information. respects its customers’ right to privacy and has built its reputation on service and taking care of customers beyond their expectations. Amazon has it as well for even less.

Is the Shake N Take Blender for you?

I don’t know.

Can you stand still long enough for me to ask you? If you can’t, then it is!

Happy Shake N Take!
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Jul 26, 2008
by Anonymous

seems like

a good thing but seems not so portable anyway.