Shanghai See's Your Giant Rubber Ducky & Raises You A Big Pink Piggy

Finding over 10,000 illegally dumped pigs in Shanghai's largest river and main source of drinking water? Disgusting. Poking fun at the scandal by “floating” a huge inflatable pink pig on China's largest social messaging site? Priceless!

The discovery of thousands of pig carcasses in the Huangpu River last March created a serious stink in Shanghai that had nothing to do with the actual illegally dumped porkers. Government authorities assured concerned citizens the presence of the pigs would not affect the quality of the city of 23 million's drinking water, which led many to wonder just how bad the water's quality was before the infusion of putrid pigs.

Today's Chinese are a resilient bunch and though the constant flood of food and pollution scandals (this one counts as both) is undoubtedly disheartening, residents know there's not much they can do besides grinning and bearing it... and, of course, blogging it.

An image posted at SINA Weibo this week summed up Shanghai's shrugged shoulders over “Pig-gate” while gently satirizing the city's rivalry with Hong Kong, presently hosting Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's huge inflatable Rubber Ducky.

Certainly Shanghai rates an art installation of similar impact, but it would be beneath the city's pride to merely copy Hofman's cute quack creation. Some other animal should be selected for fantastic plastic municipal promotion purposes, but which one... care to guess?  

Due to the sensitivity of government bureaucrats to food scandals of any type as well as attempts to publicize them, an actual huge inflatable pink piggy will be seen cruising the Huangpu River when pigs fly.

No matter, China's netizens are enjoying living vicariously through the magic of photoshop: the posted image is currently the third most popular microblog post at SINA Weibo. About the only criticism commenters are directing toward the post is that in the interest of accuracy, the Big Pink Pig shown in the image should be portrayed belly-up. (via ChinaSMACK and IBTimes)