Shape-Shift Your Picky Eater's Food With FunBites Food Cutters

Sometimes we need to trick our kids into eating. Whether it’s because our kids are picky eaters or just too busy playing to be bothered with food—the food which will keep them from having a meltdown when their tanks are low—getting them to the dinner table can be frustrating. We are parents, but feel like short order cooks. Take some of the struggle out of mealtime by surprising your child with square, heart, or triangle shaped bite-size food. Or shape-shift their dinner into something other than the quesadilla they wanted, but will probably refuse to eat, with FunBites Shaped Food Cutters.

I’ll be honest; I don’t have time to make a butterfly out of a ham and cheese sandwich. Nor do I have the patience to deal with turning slippery, wet fruit into a scene fit for Valentine’s Day. But I could with FunBites Set of Three Food Cutters. And since FunBites is a 13 time award winner, including Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine, I almost feel like I should.

FunBites come in heart, triangle, or square shapes and in multiple colors. They are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and made from food-grade material meant to last. The blades are curved to allow for easy cutting with a simple rocking motion and the matching top pushes any food out of the cutter without needing to touch it.

I stumbled upon FunBites while looking for something to make cutting food for my 15 month old twin boys more efficient. Chopping and cubing food several times a day gets old. And the amount of time it takes to cut up enough food to fill their trays far outweighs the amount of time it takes them to eat it. My boys can eat. When I saw the square FunBites, which can cut 12 bite-size pieces in one motion, I knew I found a solution.

FunBites were created by Bobbi Rhoads, a mom of two daughters. One daughter was a great eater, but particular about the arrangement of her food, and the other daughter was a picky eater. To benefit both of her girls, FunBites made meals more enjoyable and less stressful. Healthy, but not always desirable food, became fun to eat. And new foods were worth trying when they were disguised in exciting shapes and scenes.

It would be fun to play with my food a bit and design some cool pictures for my daughter, who is three, but I think food art would be lost on my boys. Not lost on them will be the speed in which I will be able to throw heart and triangle shaped pieces of food at them. As long as the piles keep coming, they don’t care about aesthetics. They will someday. Until then, it’s about efficiency. FunBites Shaped Food Cutters will give me relief now with a little more speed in the kitchen and shape-shifting skills later when they become picky eaters.

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