Shapify Turns You And Your Family Into 3D Selfies

I used to scrapbook—yes, I used to take the time to shape photos and place them over decorative and themed backgrounds and then write paragraphs of descriptions on each page. That was well before I had children, when I had time to print pictures and when I had time to sit and look at them. Since photography has gone digital, my hope has been to compile photo books for each year’s worth of photos, but I’m seven years behind schedule. And apparently not up to speed with a new form of capturing life’s moments. If scrapbooks seem antiquated compared to photo books, photo books are now several steps behind the newest technology in photography. Shapify allows you to create three dimensional figurines of you and your family. Now you can turn yourself into an actual 3D selfie.

Developed by Artec Group, Shapify allows you to take a 3D scan of yourself at home with a Microsoft Kinect and a computer. Kinect is a 3D depth sensor developed for the Xbox 360, though the game console is not needed to use Shapify’s free, downloadable software. However, if you don’t have one already, you will need a power supply cable with USB in order to connect your computer to Kinect. You may also need a teenager to explain what all of this means.

I don’t have a Kinect, but if I wanted to take a road trip I could go to the closest Shapify partner location to have a 3D scan done there. I would have to bring my passport and pack for days to drive the two hours to get my family of five to the closest Shapify.Pro partner shop, so I probably won’t bother. Though, I’m sure I know someone who has a Kinect and can just use theirs.

Once the scan has been completed and you are happy with the model created, simply choose monochrome or multi-colored printing for your plastic selfie and place your order. The size of your 3D print will depend on the height of the person scanned. But in most cases they will be between three and four inches. Deliveries arrive in one to five days.

I don’t have any physical photo albums of my kids. Correction: I took advantage of a penny print sale on Shutterfly three years ago and printed the first six months of my daughter’s life and put them into an album. I now have two more children and more photos of my family on my phone and computer than I will ever have time to print or find space on my walls to hang. I am not gaining any more time each day, so I keep taking pictures and keep swearing I’ll do something with them someday. Perhaps that time is now.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Instead of photo books, I can have collectibles of my kids for each year of their life. I can create my own village under the Christmas tree using members of my own family. I can recreate stories with props, like a puppet show but different.

With Shapify, I can capture my family’s big moments with a 3D selfie. As long as they are willing to stay in an outfit I demand they wear or in a pose they are able to hold for at least a minute, while turning 45 degrees every 10 seconds. Okay, so maybe getting the scan will take longer than the projected minute, but I will have a moment in time forever. I will not only have the memories of that moment, but plastic figurines of my kids 1:20 of their size. And those figurines will likely listen better than my kids.

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