Share Secrets with Friends with Charming Electronic Smart Band

Collectible. Fashionable. Wearable. Customizable. Electronic. These buzz word describe the latest in wearable bracelets: the Nex Band. This next generation charm bracelet comes with an initial set of modular components (mods) that include a microcontroller, a vibration motor, a low-energy Bluetooth radio and a battery that can last for 2-4 days, depending on how much you use it. Then you can buy and interchange additional mods, giving you additional gesture recognition and activity tracking. 

It's targeted to the younger generation of tweens and teens, who have more permission to customize their "stuff", and more desire to carry out secret communication with friends (although I know a lot of adults who are fans of this too).

Nex Band: Wearable Collectible Electronic BraceletNex Band: Wearable Collectible Electronic Bracelet

With the Nex Band you can send messages to friends using secret codes and blinking LED's, which can also be set to flicker when your friends are nearby. You'll get more blinking lights when you are receiving an incoming call or Facebook message, and you can use your bracelet to unlock new levels and enhance your gaming experience.  

Nex Band with Blinking LEDsNex Band with Blinking LEDs

Mods are also unique, so when you swap with friends, or collect new ones, you can see how many people have owned that particular mod, and how far it has traveled to reach your wrist.

Like other wristbands on the market, it connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth, and you can have up to 5 mods on your wrist at a time. 

Cubelets Modular RoboticsCubelets Modular Robotics

Similar to Modular Robotics (MOSS and Cubelets) where you can create a robot just by snapping magnetic components together, the Nex Band technology is possible because electronic components are getting smaller and smaller. 

It's due to ship in the fall, but if you sign up now, you can hold one for $49.99 and save yourself $50. They won't charge your card until the Bands are ready to ship, and you can still change your mind before that - they will contact you to confirm your order. Hold your Nex Band here.