Share Mobile Friendly Pages with Delivr

Sharing web pages with your buddies over the phone can get tricky, especially when a web site has a format that isn't very friendly to mobile browsers, which can only display so much graphical content.  Delivr looks to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile browsers by creating mobile-friendly content out of any page.

The site is nice and simple to use (just the way we like it ).  At the home page, you're invited to paste a link into Delivr's software, and then you're given the choice to preview the mobile content in a shadow box, or go directly to sending it via text message.  The recieving phone will get a text with your abbreviated link, which will then take them to a mobile-friendly page that gives them the choice to view the original page, or the specially made content you've generated for them.

The way Delivr condenses sites to a mobile-friendly format is really quite simple.  By removing extraneous background images, java, and flash objects, what you're left with is a basic text version of the site that contains essential header elements, text content, and links.  It's really pretty cool, if you think about it.  The sites that result load in a flash on any mobile web browser, which really makes sharing sites with mobile friends really easy.

Delivr also has services to let you share YouTube videos, Google Maps, and Flickr albums.  Admittedly, though, with flash objects the browser you're sending to is going to have to have support for plugins, but Google Maps and Flickr work just fine.  You can also send a link to a large amount of text that won't fit into a text message, and is stored on Delivr's database.

If you like sharing sites and cool things that you find on the web with your friends that have mobile browsers, then Delivr is a great tool.  Beyond just shortening the actual link to the page, it makes it really simple to load in the mobile browser platform, which can be a pain sometimes.  We'd probably like to see some more sharing features from Delivr in the future, like sharing objects beyond YouTube and Google Maps, but this is a great start, and you should definitely give it a try.