Share Your Videos On Twitter Via Twitsnaps

Just as soon as we were getting use to sharing our photos on Twitter, out comes a new app that will now allow us to send our videos. The immediacy of communicating on Twitter will now assure your followers that your videos can reach them just as quickly as a tweet or a photo.

However, with so many apps to choose one, which one should you select as your video-sharing device of choice. While that's a toss-up since several hit the market all at the same time. the one that I think will reach critical mass ahead of the competition is Twitsnaps.

With the launch of their video share application, they are presently the only platform that allows for both photo and video sharing. While Twitpic offers a photo utility and video apps such as Twiddeo feature video, Twitsnaps is the only one to launch both services.  (See previous blog that highlights some of the major differences between Twitsnaps and Twitpic!)

In addition, the Twitsnaps device offers consumer-generated features that provides users with the capabilities of tagging, categorizing, embedding, commenting, rating and marking their favorite videos. All video formats can be uploaded to the site including MP4, 3GP, FLV, WMV, DAT. VOB, MPEg, AVI, MOV, ASF, ASX, MP3, WAV, and WMA.

When interviewing K.N. Ajit Narayan, brand manager for Twitsnaps, I asked him why he didn't launch his service accompanied by a major PR and promotional campaign. His response underscores the urgency companies feel in getting their product to market quickly. Narayan notes: " It's a competitive world out there. If we don't develop and make all features/ utilities live today, some other firm will do it first. The focus has been to get every feature functional on the site, and then test them thoroughly, before getting the word out. But we have already interacted with a lot of people on Twitter and have informed them about our services, and the founder of TwitSnaps was interviewed by Twitter guru, Robert Scoble, who posted a favorable blog about the application."  Narayan adds "Primarily we are using the viral effect of Twitter to get the word out."

Some additional unique features of the Twitsnaps utility that distinguishes this service is the detailed stats users can review pertaining to their uploaded videos. The analysis can detail how many people viewed, commented, rated, and favored your videos. Users can also convert videos into mobile clips and download them for free. And the reverse holds true as well. Cell phone users can also upload videos to the Twitsnaps site using their mobile devices.

On the photo-sharing side of the business, Twitsnaps even gives Flickr a run for the money. While Flickr doesn't have the zoom feature that allows you to study the intricacies of a photograph, TwitSnaps does. You can also put a "watermark" over your image to protect it from copyright infringement and there is even a "Hall of Fame" section that lists the most popular photographs shared on Twitter.

The founder of TwitSnaps is Simarprit Singh. He's the CEO of MapXL Inc, the company that incubated other successful web projects such as and With Twitsnaps, Singh has made the ease of sharing and accessing videos truly a snap! Tweet your favorite video today and join the thousands that have already signed up for the service.