The Shark Steam Mop: Does It Work? - As Seen On TV

Having recently completed a massive scrubbing of my house, I can say that I'm just plain done with cleaning.  At this point a garbage truck could dump an entire load of biohazardous materiel in my living room and I'd walk around it, get a beer from the ‘fridge, and go about my business.

Um... back to the point of this article...

I've been asked to cover some "As Seen On TV" products for this site-and gleefully accepted.  As fate would have it, I was up quite late last night-right in the middle of the infomercial dumping ground.  So I watched around 30 minutes of programming about this, the Shark Steam Mop:

The Shark Steam Mop... why is it named after a scary carnivore?The Shark Steam Mop... why is it named after a scary carnivore?

Essentially this thing is an electric mop.  It attaches to an electrical outlet via a cord.  This heats the water to create steam.  Distilled water is recommended, but regular tap water can be used if necessary.

It's not recommended for unsealed wooden floors, or for no wax floors.  No cleaning solutions are to be used with the Shark Steam Mop.  Steam is enough, apparently...

Here is a truncated version of the infomercial:

To be honest, it really does look like this thing works.  I shot many an infomercial in my past life in film and video.  Many of the items were just plain garbage.

Curious, I dug around and found some reviews of the Shark Steam Mop.  Opinions were quite mixed.  Some people loved it.  Others condemned it as a water-spitting nightmare.

I think the idea is sound.  Maybe they'll make a Shark Steam Mop Version 2.  Or a patch for it, sort'a like every single version of Windows ever produced.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna walk past my biohazard pile and get a beer...

If anyone has used this product, we'd appreciate your comments on the Shark Steam Mop. So, did it work?

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Jul 6, 2009
by Anonymous

piece of junk

I just purchased the Shark (as seen on TV) from Sam's Club. What a piece of garbage. It just spits some slightly heated water (I can get hotter water from my faucet if I wanted to clean my floor with plain water) and you are supposed to use the magic microfiber cloth to do the scrubbing. What a joke!!! I went back over the area cleaned with the Shark, with a soapy rag and got up a lot more dirt. I was hoping it would clean the grout in my tile...not a chance!