Sharp 3D Smartphone Adds New Dimension To Mobile Phones

Japan's Sharp Corporation is set to introduce a 3D smartphone that could give Apple's popular iPhones a real run for their money. The new phones will feature the 3D / 2D switchable touchscreen Sharp demonstrated last April.

Sharp is covering all the bases by using the switchable screen since for the near future at least the lack of 3D content would discourage the purchase of a pure 3D smartphone.

Those peeved by the need to wear special (and costly) glasses when watching 3D television will be pleased to learn the new Sharp phones will display 3D images and video without the need for the viewer to wear glasses.

As well, the phones will probably (though this has not been confirmed by Sharp) include a built-in 3D-capable camera so users can create and display their own 3D content.

Here's an English-subtitled video from Diginfo TV describing Sharp's upcoming 3D smartphone:

Should development continue without unexpected problems, Sharp expects their new 3D smartphones to be ready for international release by the end of 2010. Pricing has not been announced but expect Sharp to provide that and other info on these phones as the launch date approaches. (via Sydney Morning Herald and News On Japan)

Aug 15, 2010
by Anonymous


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