Sharp’s Solar Powered Television A Little Too Excessive?

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Sharp has recently introduced their second concept solar powered television at CEATEC this year. The first one, a 26-inch solar powered television, was introduced back in July and designed for people living in areas without utility-supplied electricity. Their latest version, much too big for my needs, is a 52-inch LCD solar powered television.

This 52-inch LCD solar powered television is supposed to be an improvement on their 26-inch solar powered version. The solar floor panel that comes with this large television provides some of the energy required to power the television. Other than that there isn't much information about the television that I could find. There is no answer as to whether or not the television has a battery that stores the power when the sun goes down or incase of several days of bad weather. And it isn't clear to me if the huge solar panel is meant to go on a rooftop (just to power the TV) or if it's a floor solar panel.

I admire Sharp's concept though and the idea that one day we can all get fat watching television powered by solar power, if not for the benefit of our health at least for a healthier greener environment. What would happen to the old televisions though? Would there be a program in place to have them recycled? And do we really need a 52-inch solar powered television? My husband would say he does. Something about bigger gadgets makes him a happier man.

I'd settle for a solar powered 26-inch television (or smaller) so long as it works day or night and when it works it works better than the rabbit ears I have to use now since I choose not to pay for cable or satellite or any of those other expensive useless options available. What do you think of this solar powered television? Is it something you look forward to using in the near future? Feel free to voice your opinion below.

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