Shatner's MyOuterSpace Recruits Talent For Stellar New Social Network

While still pimping hotels at Priceline, collecting Boston Legal residuals and conducting "Raw" interviews on the Biography Network, William Shatner is the quintessential huckster. Not happy to rest on his laurels, and hearkening back to his Star Trek origins, this venerable veteran has set his sights on building his own social network. And with tongue inserted firmly in cheek, he's named it

First tweeted March 4th, Shatner announced the debut of his new enterprise to his 1.2 million followers, in hopes of a good many of them signing up for MOS.

Recruiting talent, Shatner's is crowdsourcing actors, writers, animators, composers, directors and producers to join several of his 2010 Space Odyssey of sorts. Registrants can sign up at one six planets where projects are designated to different "starships." Shatner notes he "will be monitoring all projects, and reviewing each Captain's log, where progress will be recorded each step of the way."

Six Planets of MyOuterSpace.comSix Planets of

Yes, the stretched metaphors keep coming- so fasten your seat-belts for the expected over-the-top lexicon of catch-phrases that will amuse and confuse you. If you’re selected to work on a project/starship, you become a “crew member.”  and you "crew-up" when you join. Admins of the site form the interplanetary “Counsel,.”  and Shatner has promoted himself to Admiral.

Even if you have no interest in the sci-fi motion picture industry or becoming a member of yet another social network, I recommend that you take a peek at the network's video detailing what this new site is all about.  Some interplanetary special effects, coupled with one cheeky Red Chevy Enterprise makes for a classic Shatner welcome.

Shatner & The Chevy EnterpriseShatner & The Chevy Enterprise
Actors and producers have tried their hand at singling out would-be filmmakers vis a vis social networks and TV shows in the past. In an American Idol-like fashion,  Matt Damon’s and Ben Affleck’s “Project Greenlight” and Spielberg’s “On the Lot” come to mind. However, perhaps the most successful is Kevin Spacey's "Triggerstreet." was founded in 2002 by Spacey and his producer partner Dana  Brunetti as an online social network to discover to showcase Kevin SpaceyKevin Spaceyemerging filmmakers and writing talent. As Spacey puts it, it’s like sending the elevator back down to help bring up the next generation of undiscovered talent. Now, “a person who lives on a farm in Ohio and doesn’t know a soul in Hollywood can use as a way to get their work out there to be seen and maybe even discovered. All they need is a computer, a decent Internet connection, and of course, a bit of talent.”

So, similarly, Trekkies, not to interrupt your social calendar of Trekkie events nationwide, but if you're a true William Shatner fan, and want to take your career to the next galaxy, I would head on over to and "crew-up" before one of those spaceships decides to launch.


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Mar 6, 2010
by Anonymous

Should expand site Beyond IE

ALL Trekkers.
Sci Fic buffs A-Z
Include some Sci Fic Horror?
Sci Fic FX & Tech
& Sci Fic Merchendise A-Z.

Then MyOuterSpace soar in the Online social networking phase.

Apr 2, 2010
by Anonymous

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