Shaving School For Stupid Men? Industrious or Genius?

Perhaps this business was inspired by a hate of facial hair, or perhaps it's about self-improvement, but in any case, this is one business that is clearly designed for stupid men. Not only does it teach them a fundamental skill they've probably been using during their entire adult life, it also charges them a ludicrous amount. Yes, it's a shaving school and keep on reading to find out exactly what it does and why.

London Barber Geo F. Trumper might not actually think that men are stupid enough to shave improperly without instruction, but it's really about marketing more than anything because they want their instructions to lead to the purchase of high-end men's beauty products for shaving and facial maintenance.

The shaving school offers one-on-one sessions to show men how to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs; or there are group classes to help men get faces as soft as a baby's butt. There's an introductory Mach 3 course that goes for 50 GBP or an Open Razor shaving class, that's 90 minutes and costs 75 GBP.

Okay, so let's be serious here; there can be some real serious complications that come with shaving, nicks followed by toilet paper bandaids are never attractive. But do you think shaving lessons are really necessary or is this consumerism gone too far?

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Jul 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Open Razor

I can understand an open razor shaving class as I think a lot of people would be dubious about using a cut throat razor. A class for using a Mach 3 however is ridiculous.

Jul 9, 2009
by Anonymous

more research required

I think it's very unfair to make such derisory comments when you don't know the content of what's being taught. I suggest you send a male reporter along to the class and then a more reliable opinion can be given. I reckon he'll probably learn something and you may have to write something more thoughtful...

Jul 9, 2009
by Chris Weiss

I agree with the first poster

An open razor course would actually be kind of cool. Not that I'd be that inclined to take one, but it would be a novelty. Indeed, the Mach 3 course sounds like a real waste of time. I'm not sure why poster 3 took such offense, I think you give a pretty accurate and thoughtfult treatment of what most would consider a borderline-useless service.

Jul 10, 2009
by Anonymous


These are the types of courses that I'd like to take when I was 17... I usually nicked myself to oblivion sometimes trying to get the closest shave possible before a party. ;-)
Now, that open razor class is interesting.