Sheer Bliss for Sore Tired Feet - Get Tipsy Feet

When getting ready for a night of partying and dancing, shoes usually pose a problem. We often squeeze our poor feet into ridiculously pointy toed killer heels that we can barely walk in by the end of the night. In fact I feel the same after a long days work at office; I can't wait to get out of formal shoes into something more comfortable and relaxing. That's where Tipsy Feet come in. They fold up into a purse that's small enough to put into your handbag and then when you unfold Tipsy Feet out at the end of the night and slip them on your feet, the purse then transforms into a handy cool bag that's big enough to carry your high heels home--seen anything more innovative?



The shoes are available in the following sizes:
Small (size 3 to 4)
Medium (size 5 to 6)
Large (size 7 to 8)

But one should remember that these shoes have been designed for stop-gap, emergency purposes only. Their 'sole' purpose is to get you home in comfort! They are not intended for day-to-day wear.

Tipsy Feet is available in silver, gold, pink or black and pair of shoes come with a matching colored bag. A set contains 1 x Pair of Tipsy Feet shoes along with 1 x Fold-out carry bag. Priced at £19.99, about $40 these highly fashionable and innovative shoes definitely help soothe aching feet. Although the company is in the UK, they welcome orders from all over the world.

Getting into Tipsy FeetGetting into Tipsy Feet


Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Tipsy Feet

It´s Ok then - but don't just forget to keep the cheese smelling purse shut 'till home...

Jun 21, 2008
by Anonymous


These shoes are just the best no more cut feet when you walk home after your night out also they are great for the beach too and the bag is big enough not just for your shoes bur also for you bits an bobs too! You can also purchase these from