Sheila's Wheels Insurance For Women: The Car Insurance Of Stereotypes

Sheila's Wheels is a UK-based insurance company just for women. Once you visit their website you'll be left no doubt in your mind who their target audience is, with its Stepford Wives style women and pink décor. While Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance may seemingly be based on stereotypes, it does offer women comprehensive coverage on insurance that they won't find anywhere else; if you can just get over the typecasting that comes with being their client.

While Shelia's Wheels does offer pet insurance, home insurance and more; it's their car insurance that caters specifically towards the female driver; obviously the stronger sex behind the wheel (says them)! With lower insurance premiums specifically for women, Shelia'sWheels believes it's important to reward women for being safe drivers. But the real kicker is the 3,000 GBP coverage for purses that automatically comes with any car insurance policy to cover damage, theft or loss. I wonder if that includes coverage the everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink, that most women, including myself tote around in their handbags?

While handbag coverage with car insurance may be practical for many women, the female stereotypes that come with Shelia's Wheels policies just don't end there. They also offer free 24 hour canceling for women traumatized by car accidents and other incidents behind the wheel. A good idea? Probably, I just don't like the implication that only women would require such a service.

Of course, Shelia's Wheels doesn't discriminate; that would be, well...discrimination, so men are welcome to apply for policies as well or be covered by those taken out by their female partners. No word if you have to look like, or be married to one of the Stepford Wives pictured on their website or have a love for baby pink in order to be approved to carry one of their policies.

Apr 8, 2009
by Anonymous

It's Sheila's Wheels

It's Sheila's Wheels