SheTaxis: Business Offers Secure Transport To Women On New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is fast approaching, and in just a matter of days transportation services will be in high demand. After all, drinking and driving is a terrible idea, and it is a time for celebrating with food and drink - often in excess. Taxi services come in a variety of formats, and one caters to a specific demographic.

SheTaxis has a name that basically speaks for itself. The company offers a fleet of pink cars (or partially pink) that cater specifically to female passengers. Of course, the goal of this taxi service is to provide increased comfort to female passengers. Not to say that male taxi drivers are predators that should be feared, but it's important to be extra cautious these days, especially if you've watched one too many episodes of Law and Order SVU and seen the identity of the episode's perp.

The founder of this company has had plenty of previous exposure to the industry, as her husband owns a leading service in NYC. This lead her to recognize that it's an industry dominated by men, and that became a priority along with increasing the safety and comfort of women. These are factors that inspired her to hire all female drivers.

Men aren't excluded entirely from getting a ride in the special pink cars with the female drivers; provided there's at least one woman on board, a man is welcome. However, men clearly aren't the target market. On New Year's Eve, having a safe, comfortable ride available can make the difference for women between possibly getting behind the wheel, and simply getting home in one piece.

SheTaxis isn't just safe, it's also convenient since cabs can be requested using a designated app.

Via: TrendHunter