Sher-wood Hockey Sticks Taking A Slapshot At Change

Despite being a popular hockey equipment brand, Sher-wood hockey sticks have now been bought by an investment company in Ontario, Canada.

Carpe Diem Growth Capital was granted court approval to purchase all the business assets relating to Sherwood-Drolet Ltd. The deal was closed with the famous Sherbrooke hockey-stick manufacturer being renamed to Sher-wood Hockey Inc .

Sher-wood hockey sticks have been around since the 1940s and have been a top choice when it comes to equipment for hockey players. As of now, they supply hockey sticks to players such as Jason Spezza (above), Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Jocelyn Thilbault.

Carpe Diem hopes to continue operations with the company and create more value with the people associated with them. The investment company hopes to re-energize the Sher-wood brand and continue to put money into the products.

Change can never be a good thing when it comes to manufacturers, but this silent takeover just might help to keep the brand going for a few more hockey seasons.