The Tech Jacket and Hoodie Can Make You A Tech Ninja

Have you ever wanted to be a ninja? How about a tech ninja? Or maybe you just want to stay warm, dry, and keep your passport and credit cards secure. Whatever the case may be, Avid Union is hoping to fulfil your crazy dreams with the Tech Jacket and Tech Hoodie, outerwear that is more than meets the eye.

Pick Your Poison. The Jacket or the Hoodie?Pick Your Poison. The Jacket or the Hoodie?

So what exactly makes these coats from Avid Union so special? As far as this writer is concerned, the overall package is what makes this jacket so appealing. "Ninja" gloves allow you to keep your hands warm without the need to carry gloves around. A removable hood makes both the Tech Jacket and Tech Hoodie very versatile, and the zip up pouch in the back makes it easy to store the hood without risk of misplacing it. Temperature regulating side vents continue the trend of versatility, allowing owners to potentially wear these products multiple seasons of the year. Oh, and let's not forget, the Tech Jacket is completely waterproof. However, the Tech Hoodie is not, which does leave something to be desired.

We'll have to see how well production quality is on these products though. With so many features and zippers, the ninja products could suffer from bulkiness, completely defeating the whole "tech ninja" aspect.

So what exactly is so tech about these products? While the carbon fiber style weave waterproofing is impressive, it's not exactly tech. What is tech, however, is the RFID blocking pocket in each Tech Jacket and Hoodie. With hackers and virtual thieves becoming more intelligent and crafty every day, it's never a bad idea to be as protected as possible. By storing valuables such as passports and credit/debit cards in the RFID pocket, you are shielding the sensitive chips located inside from modern day pickpockets who can steal information off the chips remotely.

The Tech Jacket's RFID blocking pocketThe Tech Jacket's RFID blocking pocket

It's going to be interesting to see how consumers react to the Tech Jacket and Hoodie upon release, with early pricing rumors being at $459 and $169, respectively.  While the features and RFID blocking pocket are nice, it will really depend on the quality of materials used, as well as the fit, to know if these products will be worth the money. With waterproof, breathable jackets already on the market, will the extra features be enough to warrant their price point?

The Shield products just completed funding rounds on Kickstarter, and are currently in production for early backers with a tentative release for February 2014. 

Source: AvidUnion

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