Shine Activity Monitor Is More Than Meets The Eye

With exercise and fitness ever increasing in popularity, many products have been released over the past couple years that track user's activities. But many of them have at least one downfall; you either have to strap it on your wrist, or it requires the conscious effort to remember to charge the device. Enter the Shine. An activity monitor that is not limited to tracking running and walking, and stays charged for close to six months at a time.

The LEDs double as a clock and activity tracker.The LEDs double as a clock and activity tracker.

The Shine is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, about the size of a quarter, and hides LEDs beneath the surface that can be used to tell time or tell you how close you are to completing an activity. An "activity" is simply the goals you set up with the accompanying cell phone app. Unlike similar products on the market, the Shine doesn't measure activity in steps, so it has the ability to process things like biking and swimming.  Oh, yes, the Shine is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.

So, you've spent the day hiking and biking, now what? Simply fire the app up, and place the Shine on top of your phone. Using Bluetooth, the Shine and your phone sync up and displays the information in easy to read graphs and tables. 

The Shine is also a rather stylish product. Available separately, buyers can purchase things such as magnetic clips and wristbands for their Shine. The magnetic clip is definitely one of the better accessories, however, allowing users to strap it anywhere from their shirt collar to their shoestrings, depending on the activity. 

Can double as a stylish accessory!Can double as a stylish accessory!

Using a simple watch battery, users will not have to remember to charge their devices every other day. The watch battery can power the Shine for four to six months, depending on usage. 

If there is a fault with the Shine, it is the "tap" feature used for setting up different activities. When you set up a new activity in the mobile phone app, you have to make the Shine aware of this change. You do this by tapping the face three times. Normally, it works fine, but occasionally it will get the number of taps wrong and instead of seeing your progress via the LEDs, it will recognize the taps as setting up a new activity.

Overall, Misfit Wearables has released a very strong activity tracker. Coming in at $119 USD, the Shine is not only technically smart and stylish, but affordable as well. Waterproof, shock resistant, and affordable. Not a bad package at all.

Source: Misfit