Shine Some Light on Night Driving with Visualeyes

I don't know about you, but there have been quite a few nights when I was wishing my headlights were a little brighter. It's an easy problem to solve, just wire in some extra lights on the front of the car and your good-to-go, unless they get stolen. A company called Visualeyes has developed a product they hope will solve the problem permanently.

Visualeyes is a relatively new and upcoming company dedicated to improving the safety and performance of a wide range of vehicles. They are currently in the R&D stage of many new products and they are on the lookout for any innovational products that coincide with their business strategy. Their first product, the Rayzer, shows quite a bit of promise in the automotive world.

This product is easily in the top 20 best new innovations to the automotive aftermarket. The Rayzer took what everyone already knew about auxiliary lighting and combined it with a whole new approach. The result was a high-output lighting kit that, according to Visualeyes, triples night-time illumination.

Both High-Beams: Bottom is with RayzerBoth High-Beams: Bottom is with RayzerThe Rayzer uses HID Xenon bulbs that are designed to match the spectrum of the human eye, which will reduce eye-strain and make it easier to focus at a distance. Another benefit of the Xenon Bulbs is an average lifespan of 3,000 hours, or about 5 years of driving.

The kit does not have to be installed by a professional and instead of being bolted to the front of the car, it sets hidden between the rear-view mirror and the windshield. There are numerous benefits to utilizing this location. First, there is no chance of the being stolen (Unless they take the whole car). Also, they will not interfere with the aerodynamics of your car and the placement can provide a better angle from which light can be directed. The intensity can be adjusted at any time and the kit includes a sensor that dims the lights automatically when oncoming traffic is detected.

The Rayzer kit will be available for purchase at the beginning of the year. You can either order one directly from the Visualeye online store or wait to see if they will be released to retail stores. Either way, it's a sure-fire way to help keep you and your loved ones a little safer.

Product Information : Visualeyes Rayzer

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations

Jan 7, 2008
by JTchicago (not verified)

NIce but,

It is bad enough to get blinded by on-comming cars with their HID light burning a hole in the back of your head. But wait! We have additional HID light to strap to your auto to further blind other drivers. On the other hand juveniles will use them when tailgating or to fuck with on-comming drivers.

Tech needs to be created to auto-dim carlights when other lights are detected. Not create more brighter lights. It is retarded.