Shining A Light On Lamp Innovations

Finding the right lamp for your room can be a hassle. As a student, it was a difficult and gruelling task to find a lamp that looked cool for a room in a college residence. So in the end, I surrendered and sorted out my differences with the old, boring light fixture that was already there. However, one original design has me wishing I could turn back time.

Genuine and artistic, the Halo Lamp is perfect for those who enjoy abstract art. Created by Sander Muller, the unique design features not one, not two, but no light bulbs! Instead, the hood of the lamp has a circular ring that is intended to emit light. Along with the ability to be adjusted above your table or workspace, the Halo Lamp can be used as a ceiling fixture once suspended by cables.

Since the Halo Lamp is a custom design, interested buyers should note that it probably comes at an expensive price. To find out more about the product or if it can be shipped to your area, you can visit Sander Muller’s website .