Shirt Lets You Blow Away The Heat And Your Co-workers

Sitting in a stuffy office with sweaty armpits is no fun, but there’s really nothing you can in the summer, right? Wrong; there’s actually a new innovation from Japan that’s bound to make your daily environment cooler.

Source: Like Cool

To make those hot summer days cooler, the USB Air Conditioned Shirt combines the power of fans and the stylish look of dress shirts. At first, the shirt may seem like any other, but if you take a closer look you will notice the two 10cm USB-powered fans. Located at the left and right sides on the back of your waist, the fans add some poof to shirt and cool you down with a gentle breeze.

Source: New Launches  

Using USB technology is a great idea for an invention like this because a lot of people work with computers, so it’s not like they have to use a battery device that’s complex. One downside to the shirt could be that some people don’t like the “poofy feeling”. But when you’re hot and sweaty and you need to cool down, I’m sure anyone can put up with a small annoyance.

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