Shiseido Wants You To Wash Your Hair With Mother's Milk

Recently while walking through the Pacific Mall, a huge indoor complex of mainly Asian shops, stores and boutiques located just north of Toronto, my wife and I came across a store selling a wide variety of personal care products imported from the Far East.

While she looked over the hair treatments and make-up and stuff, I looked around for anything odd and unusual... as usual.

It wasn't long before I hit paydirt: Shiseido Chikara shampoo and conditioner with "Concept of Mother's Milk".

While it seemed at first that actual breast milk was the star ingredient, I knew this could not be - spoilage being one issue, source of supply being another.

Putting aside (for the moment) thoughts of secret Japanese milk farms housing hundreds of well fed but poorly paid "milk maids", I instead returned home and turned to the almighty Internet to seek out The Truth.

Shiseido seems to be gilding the lily just a ti, er, bit here. "Concept of Mother's Milk" is fairly accurate as certain nutrients found in breast milk can also be found in Shiseido Chikara shampoo, conditioner and the rest of the line.


They can also be found in dozens of run-of-the-mill foods and foodlike products that have no connection whatsoever to breasts, milk, or breast milk - unless you're weird or something.

One other somewhat off note about Shiseido Chikara and their captivating "Concept of Mother's Milk" theme is that the company is promoting the products as being extra-mild and suitable for use by the entire family. You read that right, the entire family.

Lord knows what some poor pubescent lad is going to think after lathering up his hair with (OMG!) mother's milk ingredients. C'mon Japan, a thing like that could really screw a kid up. Or a country, for that matter.