Shit Box -- The Portable Cardboard Crapper

Anyone who has ever been out in the wilds camping, hiking, or fishing knows that there is not always an outhouse around when you need one. Even when there is one it may not be clean enough to actually sit down and conduct business on. Shit Box is a light-weight, portable solution to an age-old problem.

Shit Box -- The Portable Cardboard CrapperShit Box -- The Portable Cardboard Crapper

I don't know about you, but whenever I have to go in the woods I seem to always pee on my pants and worry about passing chipmunks getting felled at the other end of things. 

The Shit Box is the perfect portable solution. The 100% recycled cardboard throne sets up in a matter of seconds, allows you to get things done in a clean and orderly fashion, and get on with your life. The waste goes directly into what looks like a brown plastic grocery bag. Once you are done you remove the bag, tie it up and it is ready for disposal -- whether in the nearest receptacle or neatly buried off the beaten track. The box folds up again to travel with you to the next pit stop. 

 The Shit Box In ActionThe Shit Box In Action

As with any cardboard box, moisture will compromise the integrity of the material and could lead to collapse so you need to take care with your aim and don't set it up where it's wet. You can also order a special waterproof jacket to help keep things dry when the weather just won't cooperate.

After Using The Shit Box Dispose Of Waste ResponsiblyAfter Using The Shit Box Dispose Of Waste Responsibly

Each box comes with a duffle for carrying, ten bio-degradable bags, and ten tissues for cleanup. Additional supplies may be purchased separately. The full sized box will accommodate backsides up to 225 pounds. A smaller size Shit Box is also available to fit junior bums.

The Shit Box could also be a life-saver when the plumber is just taking a bit too long working on your loo and none of the neighbors are home. 

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