Sh!t Happens! Why Not Have A Fun Place To Put It?


Jungeschachtel (shit happens) is a new German design agency founded by two established graphic, advertising, and packaging designers -- Nina Dautzenber and Andrea Gadesmann -- and the agency dog, Cuno, whose prior experience was being "the cutest little lab on earth."

Now, Cuno is a star... the advertising face for Dog Poo Bags, Jungeschactel's first product, for which Cuno was also the inspiration. He will continue to earn his keep and his partnership in Jungeschachtel by demonstrating the use of Dog Poo Bags wherever shit happens. The Dog Poo Bags are clever, handy, scoop the poop, and are 100 percent bio-degradable.



The 16 designer dog poop bags are imprinted with 8 expressions related to the activity of poop scooping, such as "Size Matters," "Don't Blame Me," "Grab & Go," and "Scratch & Sniff."



The Dog Poo Bags are a bit pricey at about $20US a box, but worth being seen with if shit should happen in a chic neighborhood of cosmopolia. Find the Dog Poo Bags at Jungeschachtel.

via TrendsNow;
all photographs courtesy Jungeschachtel, which holds the copyright.

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