Shnuggle Baby Bath Is Cosy And Clever

Shnuggle, the company who provides clever products for modern parents, is making a splash with their Snuggle Cosy Baby Bath. Touted as the world’s first foam and insulated baby bath, this tub is designed to keep your baby warm, safe, and happy during bath time.

Bath time can be scary for new parents. It was for me. My partner and I didn’t bathe our daughter for the first month of her life for fear she would slip out of her little tub. And I don’t think my twin boys got a bath for at least six weeks. The idea of bathing two babies—either at the same time or one right after the other—was exhausting. Shnuggle Bath, The Soft and Cosy Baby Bath would have made things easier.

With all of our kids, we used a traditional, plastic and inclined baby tub until they were old enough to sit up on their own. But it was shallow and to keep our babies warm, we kept putting fresh, warm wash cloths on their chests or heads. Who knows how much it helped, but I do know they enjoyed their baths more once they could sit in the actual tub, surrounded and immersed in warm water instead of just sitting in a puddle of quickly cooling water.

The Shnuggle Bath is made out of lightweight, yet incredibly strong polypropylene foam. This material is textured to keep your baby from slipping but soft to keep their skin protected. The foam also acts as an insulator so the bath water will stay warm. The tub is slightly angled, allowing your baby to recline, but deep enough to keep most of her body surrounded by the warm water.

Shnuggle also created the Bum Bump, which keeps your baby upright and secure, calming some of the nerves of bathing a tiny baby for the first time and allowing you to free your hands a bit while you try to figure out how to clean around the umbilical cord.

Shnuggle also seems small enough to fit two of them into one standard sized bathtub, making it possible to bathe two babies at the same time. Though you could put two of these tubs anywhere, it would be nice to have tubby time in the bathroom. In the tubby.

This bathtub comes in five different pastel colors, has hand grips on either side, and is as sleek as a BMW. Created by parents of three children, Adam and Sinead Murphy, Adam says, “The Shnuggle bath has been designed with baby and parent firmly in mind. We have been bathing our youngest daughter in a Shnuggle bath since she was just a few weeks old, so we have first-hand experience of how a well-designed product can help to relax babies.” It was so well designed that Shnuggle won a Red Dot design award.

The Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath is for babies birth to six months. Its clever design will keep your baby relaxed and hopefully happy as you get to enjoy an important and special bonding time with your child.