Shocking & Disturbing Restaurant Offers Unique Dining Experience With A Hospital Theme

Hospitalis is a disturbing new restaurant that has opened in Riga, Latvia. Its weird and wacky hospital themed dining experience takes place in a sterile, modern medical environment and boasts nurses in complete uniform, patients in straight jackets, and the opportunity to dine on gurneys and operating tables. Meals at this strange and disturbing restaurant are served in a way that might shock and disturb you. The dining experience available at Hospitalis certainly isn't for the faint at heart.

This strange restaurant in Latvia, is not the first of its kind (see: "Is China The King Of Weird Dining Options") as Inventor Spot first reported in October 2007. However, I have to say that while the concept may not be new, Hospitalis' implementation of the disturbing hospital themed restaurant is far more effective, creepy, and visually appealing when compared to its competition in China.

This gory and bizarre Lativian restaurant is not cheap by Latvian dining standards at more than 7 LVL (about $13 USD) per meal, but it certainly makes for a unique and gory dining experience you can't get anywhere else. The strange restaurant's meals are served in flasks and operating room dishes that appear straight out of the ER. Food and drinks served at the disturbing restaurant may not look appetizing, often appearing like something a patient regurgitated or body fluids that have been shed. But the dining experience is also made fun and unique since diners are provided a-typical cutlery to eat with; including syringes, tweezers and scary cutlery that resembles a scalpel.

Patrons are also treated to unique dinner entertainment while eating in the disturbing restaurant, which includes scantily clad nurses playing morbid tunes on violins and crazy patients escorted through the restaurant environment in straightjackets and wheelchairs.

While the servers and bartenders may not actually be medically trained, there is good news for diners who have the daylight scared out of them as a result of this gory and disturbing dining experience. Restaurant owners are in fact Latvian doctors, so medical help is on hand for those who find the unique experience to be too much.

Have a fascination with the disturbing, gory and morbid? Turn off CSI, and take a trip to Latvia and eat at a unique restaurant unlike any other.

Via: Fun Fever