Shocking Liar: The Game That Hurts


I've often wondered if all of those tips out there about how to fool a lie-detector are accurate.  You know... stuff like "Put a penny under your tongue" or "Put a nail in your shoe."  Having only been hooked up to a lie-detector once, I can truly say that I've not had a chance to field test these theories.

But now, thanks to the Shocking Liar, I may not have to go into a job interview or commit a crime to find out.

Looks innocent enough, right?Looks innocent enough, right?

While intended as a game, this little sucker is actually a lie-detector.  You place your hand onto the plate, do a quick set up to calibrate, and then take questions from other players.  Hopefully they are your friends, because if someone at that table doesn't like you and knows some sinister fact about your past... well, you're gonna get the s**t shocked out of you.

Check out this video as BBC broadcaster Chris Moyles incurs the wrath of the Shocking Liar-on its lowest setting:


This game is not recommended for people with epilepsy or pacemakers.  It's amazing what 3 AAA batteries can actually do these days...

What scares me is how something like this could be used to get information from someone.  I'm assuming that the hand isn't the only place you could secure the Shocking Liar.

It makes me want to wear a rubber suit as protective insulation.

I wonder if sucking on a penny would help...

You can get your very own Shocking Liar at PrezziesPlus.