Shocking Liar Reloaded Party Game: Tell A Lie And Get Shocked

Now here's a party game that will get everyone in the mood--to tell the truth, that is. This game puts a shocking (pun intended) twist to the party favorite, Truth or Dare. Ever wondered if that person was giving a truthful answer when he or she picks Truth?

You can now, with Shocking Liar Reloaded.

After you've spent a good part of the evening dancing and eating, settle down with drinks and beer into a good ol' circle and get ready to play the game that might result with a whole lot of shocking and a whole lot of revealed secrets.

Take turns strapping your hands down onto the shocker. As you've probably seen on a lot of TV shows that have people take lie detector tests, ask some pretty basic questions before going in for the the kill.

The shocker is powered by 3 AAA batteries and the strength of the shock can be adjusted (so that even grandma can play!)

You can get the Shocking Liar Reloaded game here: WHSmith


Apr 18, 2011
by Anonymous

This seems like a great idea

This seems like a great idea for a fun game!

*bzzzzzzt* OW!