Shocking Story: The Electric Eel Powered Christmas Tree

Rudolph, yer all washed up!Rudolph, yer all washed up!
Japan's Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium has sparked interest worldwide with its E-tree... the "E" standing for Electric Eel! Renewable energy never looked so, er, weird.

Call it Eel-lectricity if you like... but the Christmas tree set up just outside the electric eel tank at Kakamigahara city's Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium is no joke. Rather, it's a seasonal demonstration of just what electric eels can do with their unusual natural ability.

Wired and weird...Wired and weird...
Aquarium workers installed a conductive copper wire in the eel's tank, then ran the wire to a pine tree festooned with colored Christmas lights. Every time the eel brushed against the wire, a surge of electric power would zap the ornaments to life!

Look but don't touch!Look but don't touch!
This unique, environmentally-friendly Christmas tree is expected to attract young Japanese couples who traditionally see Christmas Eve as a time for dating and romance - and what could be more romantic than an eel-powered Christmas tree! (via Mainichi News)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer