Shoe Lovers Unite: Shoe Tube Makes Fashionistas Dreams Come True With Video Blogging

If you haven't heard of You Tube, you've probably been living under a rock; but if the vast array of videos available there aren't really your thing, there's a similar site for fashion lovers that is sure to get you excited.

Shoe Tube's policy is "Live life, love shoes"; so I think it's self-evident that this is one video sharing website bred from shoe lovers' greatest dreams. Pretty much anything goes with Shoe Tube; posters can discuss the latest shoe trends in video blogs, or can post the strange and bizarre - as long as it relates to shoes - like how to make shoes out of milk.

If you're looking for a little bit of footwear inspiration to plan your summer wardrobe, check out Shoe Tube; the You Tube for fashionistas, fashion lovers, and those with a shoe fetish.